Welcome to Balcanic Marble and Granite

Welcome to Balcanic Marble and Granite and join us in the universe of the perfect stone for you


Since 1995, Balcanic Marble and Granite has worked with more builders, homeowners, designers and cabinet-makers than anyone else in the region. Our clients rely on us for quick turnaround, meticulous installations and competitive pricing.


Balcanic Marble and Granite was created to bring you the finest quality materials for all your needs, no matter if you want to upgrade your old kitchen to a higher fashion one or to create a luxurious space for your business!


We are here to guide you in selecting the perfect stone for your décor, to reveal you secrets about all its  characteristics and to convince you that Balcanic Marble and Granite is the ideal choice for your designs!


Check our catalogue and explore your opportunities in selecting the perfect stone


Your decorating skills will be appreciated if you follow us in the world of stones and you add a distinctive character to your design, no matter if you select the elegant marble, the luxurious onyx or the traditional granite. This range of exquisite natural materials, custom made and always at the best prices will complete your vision in remodeling.

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