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Do you want custom made Marble Countertops? Michigan has one name for this: Balcanic Marble and Granite


Balcanic Marble and Granite brings a marble(ous) experience in Michigan's marble countertops industry


If you want to improve your design with marble countertops, Michigan is the home state of Balcanic Marble and Granite, the place where your ideas meet our artistry.  Marble countertops evoque impressive home residences, with lavishing furniture and big wide rooms. It’s the ultimate statement of wealth and power, and, most of all, the appreciation of quality and elegance. This is the mingle which educated and wealthy people want in their houses, and now, Balcanic Marble and Granite brings it to Michigan's marble countertops market.


Though it comes with a higher price tag than other similar materials, this gorgeous stone it’s the ideal choice if you want to impress with a luxurious look and a defined classic style. It’s one of the most beautiful stone materials which can be used for kitchen countertops, an now, due to its spread anf availability, the prices get lower with time. Marble is a crystalized limestone and when it’s polished effectively it brings the shine of a mirror. The experts in Michigan's marble countertops field recommend that this polished marble should be installed in a low traffic kitchen. In Michigan, marble countertops are very popular and more and more homeowners enjoy their quality. On the other side, lightly used objects or spaces, such as small powder bathrooms, bars, tabletops or different pieces of furniture are more than welcomed to be embraced by this marvelous stone. If you manifest your desire in having marble countertops, Michigan's perfect choice is Balcanic Marble and Granite. Regarding the perfect surface, you should know that a honed finished is the best choice for your marble countertops, with the mention that you shouldn't cut products directly on the marble surface or to scratch it with different objects. Always use a cutting board if you want to keep and protect the beauty of the marble countertop.


Balcanic Marble and Granite brings elegance in Michigan's marble countertops design


Marble is softer and more sensitive than granite, that’s why you should pay extra attention when it comes to scratches. Regarding to stains, marble kitchen countertops which are polished can be considered almost stain proof and not very porous. There are special cleaning products which you can find in Michigan's marble countertops specialized shops.

Another warning sign is headed to acidic food and drink which can bring to etching. Etching is a reaction provoked by citrus, alcohol, coffee or other chemical products, which leave a dull mark on the surface of the marble countertops. Michigan's homeowners can prevent these harmful actions by asking our team. Having in its structure calcium carbonate, these harmful chemicals can attract expensive restoration, which is not that nice for your budget. That’s why, it’s easier to prevent than to cure, even in the case of marble countertops. Michigan state provides you the best specialist who can restore your furniture : Balcanic Marble and Granite.


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