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Looking for Onyx Countertops? Michigan is represented by the best company: Balcanic Marble and Granite


 Time to remodel your house in Michigan? Onyx Countertops can make the difference in your design.   Balcanic Marble and Granite takes you out from the ordinary materials and brings out the ultimate fashion trend in Michigan: Onyx Countertops. We are sure that you wouldn’t mind to be surrounded by semi-precious stones like onyx inserted in different pieces of bathroom vanities or kitchen countertops.


Onyx contains limestone deposits that are re calcified under big pressure. The result is an outstanding stone, a mark of luxury and unique originality, often used also in creating Michigan’s onyx countertops design.  It’s maybe one of the most special natural stones, and it’s available also in Michigan. Onyx countertops are the perfect choice if you decide to upgrade your old ones, but, before that, some practical information should be known. Being a calcite stone, it resemble with other limestone or marble. The difference with onyx is that it’s much softer than marble, so it’s more sensitive to scratches. Another aspect related to its properties refers to the sensitive reaction in front of acidic cleaners, food or drinks which contribute to etching. In time, this can harm the natural polish and sheen. In Michigan,  onyx countertops have specialized shops, where you can find good products for their protection. If it’s easy to manufacture onyx jewelry, because you can cut the perfect piece of the stone, when it comes to big and massive countertops, things change. It’s quite difficult to get the perfect piece for your onyx countertops, Michigan has its trustful company, Balcanic Marble and Granite. This special execution needs some special care and technical arrangement. You can find in Michigan’s onyx countertops design a wonderful variety of colors and vein patterns. You can choose from lighter shades, like white, pink, beige or gold, but you can also select darker colors, like black, brown, red or blue.


In Michigan, Onyx Countertops are upgraded to quality and beauty by Balcanic Marble and Granite


Since onyx is formed from dissolved limestone, it is softer and more brittle than marble or granite, so it will absorb more liquid and can present some imperfections if it’s susceptible to heavy use. In Michigan, onyx countertops type of use is guided by Balcanic Marble and Granite, so that you avoid headaches.  If you want to use it as a decorative home fixture, onyx is the perfect choice for you. It has glamour, beauty and luxury. The translucent beauty of the onyx countertops contributes to a different type of elegance and the special shades that run on the surface will take the eyes of every admirer. With Balcanic Marble and Granite, Michigan’s onyx countertops design will overtake the rest of the competition. You can make any place to feel special and putting onyx countertops here and there in your home will definitely create a special effect. To maximize the beauty of this semi-precious stone, you can install back-lighted onyx countertops in your favorite space. Without doubt, this will really become the star of your decoration skills and maybe you will participate in a Michigan’s onyx countertops design competition. Of course, this can only happen with Balcanic Marble and Granite.  


It will enhance for sure the architectural feature of the whole house and it will add a touch of sophistication. More and more homeowners, especially those who are interested in being different, want something exotic and less traditional for their house makeover. That’s why in Michigan, onyx countertops are situated in the top list of their preferences.

You don’t have to explore caves to find the perfect piece of onyx countertops. Balcanic Marble and Granite is Michigan’s onyx countertops perfect choice.


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Onyx Countertops Michigan