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Balcanic Marble and Granite has developed start to finish procedures for ordering and fabricating finished granite countertops that has evolved into a precise operation for granite processing. Balcanic Marble and Granite consistently strives to mass produce a coustom product at an affordable rate. Granite processing takes an incredible amount of attention to an equally numerous array of details. Balcanic Marble and Granite has consolidated these numerous details together using a series of steps:



Balcanic Marble and Granite offers a stop at home service and will come to your home or project, measure, create a drawing and quote your granite countertop for free. Balcanic Marble and Granite projects will be quoted with a base grade selection of granite colors. If you do not have a drawing we will be unable to process an estimate via email or phone inquiries. Balcanic Marble and Granite offers free in home estimates.



Choosing natural stone for countertops, as simple as it may seem, has several considerations to keep in mind. Some granite colors have limited variation and are able to be selected from smaller granite samples. Others need to be viewed fully because of slight or extreme shade variations within the granite slab. Although variations give granite its natural beauty these same variations could cause disenchantment. If you` re looking for something that is going to be exactly the same throughout every piece, granite is not the product and you may want to consider engineered stone or quartz countertops an alternate product. Before making a final selection on natural stone, be prepared to accept its earthly beauty along with its natural variation.

The selection of the edge will help determine the proper everhang to give your countertops. Granite slabs are approximately 105”-120” long and 55”-72” high by +/- 1 1/4” thick(3cm+-). Countertop parts that are bigger must be seamed. The average kitchen countertop has one or more seam. A colored epoxy is normally used to fill countertop seams but because of granite` natural shade variations the seams are not always 100% invisible.

The final step in selecting your countertop requires the selection of your Undermount sink, faucet, surface unit and any other appliances that will affect your countertop. You will need this information for pricing, ordering, template and final delivery.



Once you have decided to contract with Balcanic Marble and Granite you will then confirm and authorize with signature and date.

Balcanic Marble and Granite requires a 50% deposit prior to advancing to the next step.



In order to do a template and the installation the following need to be complete in your home: cabinets need to be installed and the sink needs to be on location so that we may take it back to the shop and use it as a template for the sink cutout. This step is the last chance to make a change and all selections are to be confirmed. It is requested that the home owner be involved in the procedure.



This unique procedure is not offered over the internet.



This unique procedure is not offered over the internet.



Learning proper care and maintenance for natural stone is an important factor in keeping the luster and integrity of your new natural stone or quartz countertops.It`s a fact that you always need to use a pH balanced cleaner, but not all granite cleaners are created equal. Never use hazardous or abrasive chemicals to clean granite and marble. This would include the use of common household cleaners such as vinegar, bleach-wipes, and ammonia.When cleaning granite or marble, it is also important to stay away from acidic cleaners,which would include anything with lemon or orange.



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